A collection of videos showing instances of the great liberal heroes, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Daily Show correspondents, being transmisogynists.

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Why Stephen Colbert’s Transphobic Jokes Are Not Satirizing Transphobia

Here are some super hilarious jokes:

“…President Elect, Obama is meeting every day with his transition team, or in beltway lingo, ‘trannies’.”

“First of all, congratulations… transparency award. Congratulations on winning the coveted… tranny.”

Two more:

“Here’s a general rule of thumb I have: if you don’t know whether you’ve made a particular mistake more or less than 50 times, that’s not really a mistake. At that point, it’s something you do.

For instance, how many times have I accidentally picked up a tranny hooker at a truck-stop? I wanna say it’s in the 50s, but it could be higher. I-I-i- guess what I’m saying is I’m nearsighted?”

“This person, that person? That’s the phrase I use when I’m talking about Jackie, the ‘person’ I met in the meat-packing district with an adam’s apple and hands like canoe paddles.” *looks around suspiciously*

And here are two more:

"C’mon democratic party. Play along! If your party does not implode, we’ll have to go with our backup scandal. Ed Rendell is a tranny!"

(making up a fake scandal for a random governor) “Governor Bob Riley, of Alabama, is fond of banana pudding…when served off the breasts of a Thai shemale.”


In each grouping above, one of the jokes is from Jon Stewart and one is from Stephen Colbert. Yet, despite the fact that Jon Stewart is a liberal comedian, they are almost indistinguishable from each other. 

That’s the thing, jokes mocking and dehumanizing trans people are a liberal problem. Liberal comedians and comedy shows do it constantly. Nearly all of them. It’s borderline harassment. 

Colbert isn’t using these jokes to mock conservatives’ transphobia, he’s just using time-tested trans jokes (ones often used by other liberal comedians) for easy laughs. And because liberals (as well as conservatives) find the idea of a trans person to be the most hilarious/disgusting thing ever, these jokes fucking kill. 

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